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       Serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire


Wound Solutions LLC provides optimal care for patients dealing with complex wounds.

Our mission is to provide evidence-based wound care that supports patients and facilities with solutions tailored to their wound care, ongoing education, and mentoring needs.

Weekly Wound Rounds, Mentoring and Training 



Wound Solutions LLC provides weekly wound rounding to serve and treat your patients in need of wound care. Our specialized nurse practitioners partner with staff to ensure positive clinical outcomes, and advance your facility's reputation. 



Our services, and staff support will protect your facility and prevent costly deficiencies.  We provide detailed weekly wound documentation, individualized patient and facility wide prevention plans,

and survey support.



Wound Solutions LLC providers educate staff on the most up-to-date wound care science and latest guidelines in assessment, documentation, treatment, and prevention of all types of wounds.  We go a step further and mentor staff to turn the education into daily practice.

Facility Consulting, Individual Patient Visits and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


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Individualized patient consults and custom training programs


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Evidence-based educational modules tailored for Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Routine and Preventative Foot Care

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Providing pain free podiatric care on an ongoing basis to patients in the outpatient settings

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