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About the owner...

Melissa Rossetta, NP-C, Wound Care Specialist

Melissa is a highly skilled and  caring nurse practitioner with over 25 years of wound care experience.  She is dedicated to healing patients with evidence-based and cost effective treatments.


Starting as a CNA in home care, she found her passion for wound care early in 1997, and spent her career fine tuning solutions that effectively free up staff’s valuable time and resources. 

Melissa works hand-in-hand with staff to achieve superior wound care outcomes.  Whether in long term care or assisted living, her goal is to foster a partnership that will result in a solid reputation for your facility and increased referrals.

Melissa has worked throughout the care continuum and is a genuine partner who truly understands the challenges faced by clinicians in outpatient settings.

Wound Solutions LLC goes beyond weekly wound rounds, offering ongoing comprehensive educational programs for CEUs, treatment modality teaching, prevalence studies to create individualized prevention programs for your facility, and documentation auditing and mentoring. Services provided both in person and virtually.

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