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Wound Solutions LLC works diligently to provide the facility and clinical staff the care plans, documentation, and training necessary to meet all Medicare requirements and ensure positive clinical outcomes

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Wound Solutions LLC always understands they are treating a person, not just the wound. We always consider the patient’s injury, comorbidities, living situation, support system, and all the resources that will help the patient return to their highest level of functioning.  Our providers stay current on the latest wound treatments and always follow evidence-based guidelines to treat patients safely.


With an ever-changing healthcare system, the demand for specialized nurses is at an all-time high. Facilities and agencies are in need of trained specialized professionals to act as a reliable support system to a burdened healthcare team.  We provide weekly documentation from wound rounds, develop individual prevention plans for patients, and stay abreast of survey requirements providing mentoring if needed.  We also provide documentation on on all unavoidable injuries.  We protect the facility by performing prevalence studies, upon request, and develop facility -wide prevention programs to prevent in-house pressure injuries and venous ulcers with mild compression.

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